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Welcome to EcoEd full-service educational consulting  that transforms the way your audience views their world.

We help educators all over the globe envision, create, implement and assess effective formal and non-formal programs.

We can work at any scale, from helping shape country-wide teacher training and curricula to custom-made programs for museums or private reserves. Setting up environmental camps, training park educators, or authoring curricula? EcoEd can help you do the job right!

We will work closely with your organization to define goals, identify needs and establish benchmarks and priorities. We'll work to create the program that best suits your needs. We will mentor your staff to continue program development training, and evaluation so you can continue to adapt programs into the future.

Call EcoEd today to learn how we can help!

We are updating our web presence to better represent the breadth and diversity of our projects. Meanwhile, please contact us for more info.
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